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    Mar 5, 2013
    We'll i hatched this year and 5 bantam chicks hatched. Now 4 died due to abnormalities. What should I do with the 5th one. It's healthy and I have a bantam cochin raising babies at this time.
  2. Zarkotics

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    Dec 5, 2013
    Abnormalities? Do you live next to a nuclear power plant? lol

    Is the surviving chick the only one the cochin is raising, or is the surviving bantam chick not from the cochins clutch? In case of the latter just let her raise the last 1, if the chick is not from the cochin don't chance putting it in with the biddies she hatched out- she'll probably reject it and it will die from picking or exposure- just treat it like a pet in that case.

    sorry I can't say that more clearly, but I found your question a bit confusing.
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    If the broodies chicks are about the same size, she might take the one, maybe add it at closely tho for trouble.

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