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Mar 22, 2015
We bought 6 straight run bantams in March, and 4 are turning out to be roosters...Anyone familiar with Banties knows how feisty they can be. We hatched 3 unknown breeds for a class project for my daughter, and I believe 2 of the 3 are certainly hens, maybe one easter egger and one buff orpington, the third, I have no idea on breed or sex yet. Anyway, the 3 we hatched are obviously larger than the Banties, even though they are 2 weeks + younger than them. We currently have them in an enclosure in the garage since it's a bit too chilly at night to put them out, and the coops not quite finished yet. We have a fence across the enclosure with all the banties on one side.

We tried to take the fence down since a few of the birds had flown over the fence (both directions)...and the 4 roosters were just horrid to our 3 hatchlings.

So I am wondering how long to keep them separated (we put the fence back up) before turning them out together again? Also, if we continue to have trouble once they're all in the new coop and run, how do you keep them separated with one coop and one run? I guess we could put a doghouse out there for the roosters and keep them separated, but I'd like to know how others do it.

I am interested in getting rid of ALL the roosters. If anyone in Montana would like them, Please please, let me know.
Your last sentence is your solution. Relocate the roosters or pen them away from the pullets. Boys will be boys.

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