Problems w/ 3 any advice?

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    I started w/ 4 and 1 was a rooster 2 hens and 1 must be a meat chicken! Around 6 months of age started jumping at my 3 ur old but not me. One day she said mommy can u pick me up she got scared when I did he jumped at me. The first time he jumped at my daughter I grabbed my broom and backed him into the fence trying to lock eyes and my intention was to teach him that's not okay. At first it seamed as he was trying to protect his hens which is ok n my book. But now it's everyone me my daughter and my mother. Now I just want to give him away to anyone of course telling them why but first my husband read that I could go out in like battle gear alone and catch him and tuck him under my arm and start putting his head down over n over until maybe he puts his own head down and this is supposed to b him saying ok ur the boss?? I haven't seen this anywhere on here so I'm wondering if anyone's heard of this? Before anyone starts saying cull it or not worth kid being hurt. My baby's never alone w the rooster and is well protected when outdoors with me. No one will be hurt here by a chicken! I just want to try everything before giving away or culling. I don't want to teach my daughter to just give up when something goes bad. It would be wonderful to teach him and be able to keep him I think he's a great protector. Any ideas? Has this worked for anyone?
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    I read of other people doing that with their roosters head, although thoughts are divided. Some swear by doing this, and others say it only works on less than 10% of roosters. I'd give it a try, and I understand your frustration. My husband has recently had to deal with "his" rooster trying to jump up and flog him, I've only had problems with this one rooster once and all it took was me give him the scoot with my boot to not do it again. But honestly every rooster is different and you'll just have to figure out what works with him, if nothing works then he might need to be separated from the hens in a coop all his own if this is a family pet and a "chicken dinner" isn't an option, lol!! If all else fails try selling or trading him to someone, or even giving him away to another good home.
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    degrees of roughness usually work, the problem is that it will work for only the person doing it, the child will still be in peril.
    You have to pretty much ruin his roosterness to get him to stop altogether.

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