Problems with Broody Hatch


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Malvern, Arkansas
I have a Cuckoo Maran broody on 11 eggs originally. They are due to hatch today. I checked her this morning and she had 2 partially hatched chicks dead in their shells. They both had pipped at the wrong end of the egg and their butts were exposed, not their beak. What causes this?

Just have to wonder, how they pipped the shell if the beak was not exposed????? My inclination would be to leave them with the hen unless you have some over-riding reason to take them. I would also try to disturb her as little as possible at least for a day. If the whole clutch fails, then you would need to try to figure out why. The hen is the natural way for chicken eggs to hatch, and you need to be an out and out expert to match or exceed their abilities. Some however really are not good at it. Good luck with the rest of them whichever way you go.

Dirt Road....Thank You! I did what you said and left her alone. My husband went out this morning to check her and she stood up and pushed 3 fluffy dry chicks to him!

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