Problems with Chicks/ Butt Plugs/ Eyes Won't Open

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  1. Parody

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    Mar 30, 2013
    My family has been raising chickens for a little over a year now. We just got six new baby pullets and two ducklings. I separated the ducklings from the chicks (I heard ducks can't eat the same food or chicken poop). The chicks are very young. One of them hasn't been eating, drinking, and sleeps all the time. After starring at her a while I noticed she wasn't pooping. She had a huge butt plug (or whatever you call it). I was upset because it had to of been their for a while and we just got them. The stores treatment of chicks aside...I cleaned it out (the poop was yellow, paste like, and stinkier than usual) and she starting acting more alive than ever. However, she hasn't opened her eyes since we got her. Well, she opened one but she hasn't opened either in a while. I'm really worried. The other chicks are getting bigger and she's still the same size. What else can I do for her? I heard the poop clots can sometimes be cause by stress, what could be stressing a chick that can't see out?
  2. missnu01

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Some chicks just aren't terribly healthy, and pasty butt happens quick. Poo dries fast under 90 degree heat lamps. I had 3 paste up one time each out of 26... I think it just happens. I cleaned them up as I noticed and they had no further issue

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