Problems with HWH Thermostat?


10 Years
Aug 11, 2011
So, lockdown started today, and I kicked up the humidity. It was hovering around 70-76 when I left the room. All of a sudden, it jumped to 84 and the temp spiked to 104, and the HWH didn't shut off the lightbulb! I had to unplug the darn thing. Does this have something to do with the humidity? I'm going to be ticked if it cooks my eggs...
Sometimes the incubator temp. will increase suddenly because of the heat the chicks are making. That is why you have to adjust it throughout the whole incubation process.

I typically notice a major spike between 14-18 days, and sometimes right before they hatch, though make sure you know if it is that rather then the incubator, because you don't want to risk frying them.
It went back down actually, and you're right, it DID get hotter since day 14 but the bad spike wasn't until today, day 18. I unplugged it for a few minutes and then plugged it back in and now it's mantaining 66% humidity and the right temp. Thanks!

I sure hope this means I'll have a hatch. Down to two viable.

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