Problems with my chicken


7 Years
Sep 10, 2012
It's day one and my chicken won't eat and is barely drinking anything. I'm trying to help the chicken and put the beak in food and water. Also, my chicken legs is very weak. I believe it has straddle legs. I tried bandaids and tape but it didn't seem to work. I'm not sure what to do next.
Try giving it some raw egg yolk. Put Sav-A-Chick in the water(can find at tractor supply) if you can't find that try pedialite. Wrap the band aid once around both legs, leaving about the size of your pinky between the legs. :fl good luck hope your little baby makes it.
If your chick is only one day old, it doesn't need to eat or drink. It will only start doing so at 48 hours old.

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