Problems with new hen


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Wetumpka Alabama
We bought four hens over a week ago. Three are settling in very well, but one Rhode Island Red acts like something is wrong with her. The others will eat out of our hands but she just looks at it when it is held an inch from her beak. She has lost feathers in her back and vent area. We've treated her with Food Grade DE, but the other thing is she also walks slowly holding her left foot up hestantly as she walks. It's like something is wrong with her. She has laid eggs since being here so I don't think that's an issue, but she is smaller than the others and her eggs are smaller with a little gritty shell. I've seen her eat laying crumbles, scratch and loves meal worms. But she just acts so different than that other three I'm afraid something is wrong with her especially the way she walks. Any body have any suggestions recommendations?
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! Pleased you joined us! You might post in the following link - good luck to you!
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Hope you find an answer to whats ailing your little hen. I also have one that is smaller and more stand-offish than the others. Guess its just normal for her, she eats well and is almost 3 years old :)

Best of luck to you
Thank you, we will keep an eye on her and hope there is nothing seriously wrong. I'm new to BYC so I think I posted this in the wrong area. I have since moved my post over to Emergencies/Diseases,etc... I'll see if anyone else has a similar situation.
Welcome to BYC. To me it sounds like nothing more than a reserved personality on your one hen. If she is eating and laying, there is most likely nothing wrong with her. She's just a shy girl.

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