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6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
Hi, i have 3 bovane browns that are young girls, been laying about 2 weeks now
I get one egg each from them a day every day
All 3 laid this morning
I let them out this afternoon to roam the garden as i was doing some DIY
and noticed one had come and laid down next to where i was working quite closely
This seemed a bit strange as they can be quite exuberant when i let them out
Anyway i thought no more of it but then noticed she was carrying her back arched like and within ten minutes had laid a second egg for the day paper thin shell but it was formed enough to pick up (barely)
I got told when i got them that this can happen and not to worry too much so i just kept my eye on her
About an 90 minutes later she was back in her coop the other 2 were pecking around and she was sitting in the sand looking a bit sorry for herself
I looked away and looked back and she had laid a THIRD egg !!!!
This was also formed albeit very thinly but had a strange long white strand coming from it
I looked to see if it was a worm but it wasnt
Obviously im a bit worried
Shes eating and drinking ok still
but u can tell shes "not right"
Im fairly clueless as to what to do...if anything??
How rare is 3 eggs in a day?
If someoene out there far more educated than me on it could give some advice id be massively grateful...thanks

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