Process to follow after processing chickens??

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Apr 1, 2010
We are having our 25 Cornish X's processed at a butcher. I was told that we bring them, wait and then bring them home on ice with the freezer bags. They told us to keep them in a cooler on ice for the rest of the day and then freeze them.

I see all this talk about letting them 'rest'

Can anyone guide me?

Do I put them right in the freezer? Do I let them sit in the fridge first?

I want to educate myself a bit here.

If I butcher, I put the birds in a big cooler of ice and leave them there till late the next day when the ice starts to disappear. THEN I freeze. If we're talking cornish X. If we're talking older birds, they chill in the fridge for a few days before being froze.

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