Processed meat bird..not worth the effort.


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
I was so hoping for a nice delicious bird, but it tasted kind of wild and was a little stringy. By the time we got done we paid $10.76 a bird. I could have bought a nice plum chicken at the grocery store for $4.00 without all the work. All the feed bags, all the poop clean up..gathering them all up...taking them to the processor...wrapping them and freezing up all the counter tops...coolers. For terrible skinny chickens that didnt taste like a store bought chicken. I actually feel sick to my stomach a little bit
I wont be doing that again. I'll just keep my hens for the eggs.
well sorry to hear that...we just had a cornish weighed over 8lbs dressed out and we cooked it beer butt style on the grill and it was off the charts delicious!

what kind of chicken did you eat...cuz if the bird is gettin old then it will be a little tough
I just needed to rant. We will probably get the X rocks next spring and i will be ready to try again. We had White rocks, which are suppose to be the meat chicken of the old days. I was just disappointed. We deep fried it in canola oil and maybe thats why i didnt like it. I will crockpot the next one.

Thanks for responding to me...I am just pouting.
I'm sorry your first processed bird was not a good expereance for you....

Skinny...I'm also curious as to how old and what type of chicken it was.

Our Cornish X have so much meat on them, I can get 3 meals out of one for the two of us.

The Roo's and older birds are great in the slow cooker or for soup....

My first expereance with a Cornish was not positive...After That...

I read as much info on BYC...then I regrouped and started again...

We couldn't find a better bird then what's in our back yard....

The Best To You!!!!
I raised dual purpose chicks last year and processed the roos. Fried the first one, I chewed awhile on the breast and my hubby took one tough bite of the leg and wouldn't eat it. Next I slowly barbequed one in sauce; good but still kinda tough and stringy.

Then I made chicken soup. Put onion, garlic, celery, carrot, salt, thyme and rosemary in with the water and cooked it til it fell off the bone. The meat was still a little stringy but the taste was out of this world. There is a richness to the broth that cannot be duplicated by store bought chicken.
I can't imagine anything but a Cornish X tasting as good as store purchased.

I have two brining right now and can already tell the HUGE difference between them and the old RIR hen that I dispatched a week ago.

Cornish X are a freakshow of plump meat growth (I mean that in the best possible way)

They were white rocks..12 weeks old. I have delawares and buff orpingtons that have to be processed here in about 2 months., but only 9 of them. I think we will go with the cornish rocks in the spring. We kept them on chick starter. What is broiler feed?
I will spend some time doing some research on how to raise the cornish rocks to get ready for spring. If its simple maybe someone can post it here.

Thanks for the soup recipe.
Yes, duel purpose need over 20% protien. What is recomend by the ALBC is closer to 28% protien. You can find this in waterfowl food or game bird usually. You also have to let them rest a couple of days in the frig to loosen them up after butchering. This resting will give you a more tender chicken and is done even before freezing.

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