processing a couple of roos today, I know to rest them in fridge but

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15 Years
May 8, 2008
Hi all. We've processed a few roos now & we've let them rest for 24/48 hrs. in the fridge but I always forget I'm suppose to be soaking them while they rest in fridge.. What do I soak them in & will that make them tender enough to roast? Thedy're probably 28 or 29 wks now so I thought maybe they'd be too tough to roast.
It's not absolutely necessary to soak them- some farms air cool only, so you'll be fine either way. I personally soak mine to cool them quicker and leech more blood out. I fill a 35 gallon tub with salted (a few cups) ice water, then toss them in for 24, package them, then keep them in the fridge another 24 before I eat or freeze.
Thanks so much..... I thought I'd like to try the soaking just to see if it makes a difference. I've only made soup so far w/my processed birds, which are just the excess roos I have. These guys were the last of the group, because I just had a hard time deciding which would stay & which would go & they seemed so large I thought that's the size I'd use for a small grilled chicken & so I thought maybe I should be soaking.

Do people process/butcher their left over roos different than they would if they were doing a flock of meat birds?

Anyway it was just the 2 brids & so I used my canning pot filled w/ice water & salt & it's in the garage. I just want to make sure I do this correctly & don't taint the meat you know? Thanks so much for the directions so quick I appreciate it.

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