Processing quail- Best type of scissors?


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Does anyone recommend a good pair of kitchen shears/scissors that they use when they process their quail? I have a cheap dollar store pair of kitchen scissors now, but I want to make sure I get a good quality pair that will do it's job without causing suffering.
Dollar store shears work a lot better then you would think but they can give you a blister inside the thumb with the little crease in the molding of the plastic. If you are only doing a few it wouldn't matter but if you are doing a lot of them I suggest using a kitchen aid. Walmart also has a generic one made like the kitchen aid that works great. Watch the feathers, if they get caught between the blades from the previous bird it can lead to an unclean or tough cut. Make one smooth cut for the birds benefit, don't scissor it.
I've never processed before so I'm nervous it will be difficult to make one clean cut. Are their neck bones pretty easy to cut through?
Hi, I just use a short sharp utility knife. I found with the scissors there was more uncontrollable splatter (gory but a processing side effect). I can make a clean firm cut. Processing is extremely quick as I just skin the birds instead of plucking. Good luck, hope it goes well for you.
I went out and purchased scissors similar to the ones Crimson Rose used in her thread on processing quail. They cost $17, and after the first cut... then the second cut, then finally cutting through on the 3rd try, I put them with my other useless tools and grabbed some kitchen sissors my wife picked up at WalMart... I think she paid $5 for them.
I had her pick up another pair so I could use it to process quail.
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It only takes once for it to go bad to change your mind. I use Gerber game shears
Available at Walmart or any sporting goods store that sells hunting supplies

I even had two pair of game shears that were junk one wouldn't cut through anything the other dulled quickly

Personally i use a small bucket. Firm hold on the quail with head below bucket lip. Snip and done. No mess
For butchering I just pull off the heads with my hands. I use my kitchen shears to remove wings, legs(at the knees), and cut along either side of the backbone. Then remove feathers and skin like a coat. Quick and easy.


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