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9 Years
May 5, 2010
Central Indiana
I am trying to find a USDA processor for poultry in Indiana. I made 20-calls, and found one about 2-hours away. I suppose 2-hours will be fine if I were processing a large number, but will not be this round. I will indeed process a majority for myself, but offer to others processing via USDA for a surcharge (that would cover the processors fee and my gas).

My goal is to start small (with my batch of 40-50), obtain some loyal customers, and see where this goes! Regardless, I would like to see who others use for their central Indiana processing.

Here is my post in regards to the processor I used:

I couldn't have been happier and I only had 13 to take. I had about an hours drive from Indy. HTH
thanks! That is the only one I found as well, and is a 1.5 hr drive for me- a bit more than I want to drive (again, unless I am processing 100+ birds).
I drive an hour and fourty five minutes, then I wait and drive back. I don't have a processor near me, and I know this one is good.

The USDA just said last week that they know their are too few small processing facilities for beef, pork and poultry.

Why do you need the USDA stamp? I need a state ag stamp to sell inside the state in Ohio.
well, one of the farmer markets,and i assume others..require a stamp. I tried to educate them based on the QTY and USDA national laws, but they just want a simple answer of 'have a usda stamp'.

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