Production reds OK in cold?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Philipsburg, PA
Well, after researching the characteristics, temperments, etc of RIRs I bought 4 from a man reducing his flock. He assured me they were RIRs, and I think he really believed it, too. They were only 6 weeks when I got them, so I didn't notice a problem. Now they are about 6 months, and I'm sure they're production reds. I don't mind- they are sweet girls and are starting to lay well. They only thing I noticed when I researched them is that they are heat-tolerant. My other breeds I chose because I wanted cold-tolerant birds. I live in central PA, and we get lots of snow, ice and cold. I'm concerned they might not tolerate it well. Anybody have any experience with PRs in cold climates?

Mine did fine and you just might have to put some vasceline on their combs to keep them from getting frost bite. You just slather it on.
Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

I'll definitely do the vaseline on their combs, and luckily dh built a great coop that will keep them out of the elements, and still have good ventilation.

Have a great day!

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