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    Hello all, I really hope that I word this correctly.
    Can sexlinks hens be moms?(go broody)
    Can (meat) birds go broody?
    I ask this because I went to TCS and got some pallets and I asked "can these have baby chicks?" and they answered yes. From what I have read these just poop eggs. And I have access to (meat) birds but really don't want to keep traveling to get them I want little baby chicks.

    Someone guide me.
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    Any female chicken *can* go broody and hatch eggs/raise chicks, but the likelyhood of that happening does vary quite a bit from breed to breed/hybrid to hybrid. Sex links are not a bird with an extreme tendency for broodiness, but plenty of folks have had them go broody - there really is no way to predict whether the birds you have will or won't be in that group or not until you reach that point, unfortunately. However, if you want to have a broody for hatching what you can do to increase your chances would be to add one or two birds from a breed that have heavy broody tendencies.
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    Yes, sexlinks can go broody and become mothers. They are bred for egg production, and most of them don't go broody, but they can. I have a friend and two of her RSLs were broody recently.

    Now, the meat birds usually don't make it to maturity, because I believe they're genetically bred to grow very rapidly and they are processed for meat in just a few months. So most of them don't ever get to the point of laying eggs. If you let them age, they can lay eggs though, and also be mothers.
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    Ok I thank you both for your wisdom and insight.

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