Progress @ 3 weeks

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Here's a link to my babies at 3 weeks of age.[email protected]/
    All are doing great! Peanut is my personal favorite...she's the runt of the bunch and her wings are a little ruffled, but she's very fiesty. Sunny is my daughter's lil baby and Peanut's twin. The RIR that shows up best in the pics is an absolute beautiful little bird...her coloring, tail feathers and wings are prefect...can't wait to see how she looks when she's older.
    I had to separate the meat from the others to slow down their growing a bit...I'm feeding them twice a day now instead of all day, but the lil ones get their food all day cuz they aren't growing as quickly.
    It has been so much fun...never would have guessed it! [​IMG]

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