Project Ameraucanas, Silkies, and Bantam Orpingtons

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    Spring/Early Summer 2015 Availability!
    No eggs will be sent prior to fertility testing, which will begin mid-March. Eggs will be available - bird-depending - late March/early April through the beginning of June. Any updates in egg laying will be posted here. I am NPIP VT-16.

    Eggs are individually bubble wrapped, fit securely in one box, then placed in a second box with padding between the two. Unfortunately, shipped eggs are a risk and I do not guarantee hatch rate. Last year I had people tell me their hatch rates tended to be 50%+. My hatch rates last year were between 80-100%. Eggs will be shipped Priority; Express available at additional cost. The largest number of eggs I can send at once is 12+. Will add as many extras as I have available! Filler eggs available if desired and able to fit - BCM, EE, Speckled Sussex hens x Ameraucana males. No filler bantams available.


    Lavender - 1 cock bird (2013), 1 cockerel (unrelated, 2014), 3 hens (2013), 2 pullets (2014). Breeding for more uniform color and increase in size for a more dual-purpose bird. All birds have slate legs and are bearded. Pullet eggs tend to be smaller; mature eggs are size large. Color of eggs is good but some may have a greenish tint. These birds are super friendly, curious, and cold hardy. Black x Lavender breeding will be available at some point to help increase size and genetic vigor.

    Mottled - All are 2014 birds from two different breeders. 2 cockerels and 3 pullets. So far, the pullets look solid and are therefore splits. Resultant birds will be primarily mottled, but there is a chance for solid colored chicks. Color range will be b/b/s with and without mottling. These birds are significantly larger than the Lavenders. I have not had the birds long enough to attest to temperament, but the pullets are very curious and good foragers. Egg color has yet to be determined, leg col.or on cockerels needs work. The cockerels are vigorous but not aggressive. They currently live in a bachelor group of 4 cockerels. The birds are also very cold hardy.


    BBS Partridge - 1 partridge cockerel (2014), 1 blue partridge hen (2013), 1 blue partridge pullet (2014). Very pretty birds, nice full beards and crests, friendly. The hen has only 4 toes on one of her feet, but did not produce any 4-toed offspring last year. Good feathering on feet. Cold hardy, hen as an excellent broody mom last year, and excellent layers of medium size eggs through the winter!

    Black/Paint/Cream - 1 black cockerel (2014), 1 paint pullet (2014), 1 cream pullet (2014). Like the other group, but all have the correct number of toes. Toe spacing on the black and paint could be a bit better. Cold hardy and excellent layers as well!

    Bantam Orpingtons

    Mixed group - 1 single-barred chocolate cuckoo cockerel (2014), 1 white pullet (2013), 1 chocolate pullet (2014). Super friendly birds, very cold hardy, excellent layers of medium size eggs. Have a tendency to go broody frequently.


    Lavenders - 6+ $35, 12+ $60 shipped
    Mottleds - 6+ $45, 12+ $75 shipped
    Silkies - 6+ $30, 12+ $55 shipped
    Bantam Orpingtons - 6+ $35, 12+ $60 shipped

    2014 Chick Prices (currently only pick-up in VT)
    Straight-run only. Pullets may be available mid-late summer.
    Lavenders - $8 each
    Mottleds - $15 each
    Silkies - $10 each
    Bantam Orpingtons - $8 each​

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