Project LAVENDER CUCKOO Ameraucana eggs 8+(more pics added)

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You read right- Lavender CUCKOO. These are a project- purely for fun. These are the f2s of a color project I started last year- having the birds to make lav cuckoo, I just could not resist. These eggs will produce Lavender Cuckoo, Cuckoo split for lavender, and possibly some cuckoo that are not split. In case you don't know- "split" refers to a bird carrying a gene but not visually showing it.
I have no way to tell which of the cuckoo are split and which are not- you will have to test breed to find out.

I have been breeding Ameraucanas for several generations- and my solid lavenders are in the f4 stage. These chicks will be a result of the f3s that originated from Shaffer, Smith, Garner and Crystalcreek's stock crossed to my own project cuckoo split for lav roo. I was assured that this color will never make it out of the project stage because barring restricts pigment in the birds legs. I have seen a few chicks hatch already from this crossing and they all have dark legs so far. One was clean-faced. I am offering these now because I will be breaking breaking up that pen to go back to your regularly scheduled lavender ameraucana projects.

Shipping is a flat $14 for the lower 48. Add $3 for Alaska. I am not NPIP yet.

Below are some pictures of my lav stock, and an image I borrowed to illustrate what color we should expect. Thanks for looking!


Lavender eggs by the top:


Myroo and a few of the juvies' sire:

Project pen- there are some moulting in here



The roo has a little leakage, but he makes up for it with good size and gentle personality.

This photo belongs to Spish. It is an Orpington, but just putting it here as a reference for what lav cuckoo looks like:

These will ship Tuesday next week. Priority mail with delivery confirmation. I use a number 7 box and have had successful hatches as far away as Alaska. I will purchase insurance if you wish for an extra $2. Pick-up is free of course.
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I hatched out three of these little cuties for the NYD hatch. I highly recommend HappyMtn. Packaging/shipping was great. 100% fertility on all egg she sent.
Here are there photos




I am so excited to watch them grow!
Nice Lav Cuckoo hen shown
And love the chicks. I don't think I've ever seen Lavender Cuckoo outside BBB's d'Anvers.

So, okay, correct me if I'm wrong - The eggs are coming from the pic with the cuckoo male and Lav and Lav split females, yes?
I love that hen- so nice of Spish to let me share it
The roo is cuckoo split for lavender.

Also- all you need is a lav cuckoo roo out of these eggs and it opens up a lot of possibilities.
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No- I am breaking up the pen in about 2 weeks. I might have a young roo available later on. ETA- wait I need a roo so maybe I'll have a pullet for you
I'm just an hour from AL.
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Are you kidding me??? That pic of the chick with the colored craft balls is SO flipping cute!!!
Great pic!
I have some more girls that started laying since that last egg pic- color varies a lot, but size has improved.


They do get more pale thoughout the hatching season, much like marans eggs do. You can tell how some have just started back up and some are due for a moult.

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