Project Silkied Ameraucana Flock - local pick up only - I am in North Texas.


10 Years
Jan 21, 2010
I have what I need to move forward with breeding my Silkied Ameraucana so the flock I have been hatching from is now for sale. I do have silkied hens in the flock, they are not for sale. I have 2 blue silkied roo's, they can not be cooped together. They are 1+ year old brothers but do not get along as of a few weeks ago. One roo would be best used to make outcross splits in a separate coop. The hens are 1+ & 2+ years, all splits - 3 blue and 1 splash. The splash hen has had her beard picked at and has some sun damage as she's a sun bather... I hatch a few splash, a lot of black and mostly blue chicks from this flock.

Other Silkied Ameraucana for sale:
I have a blue,black and splash silkied cockerel (1 each color) between 3-5 months or so available. Several blue, a couple of black & maybe splash silkied chicks (straight run) I do not need. Ages between a couple of weeks and maybe 5 weeks.

I will not ship these birds. Pick up or we can meet, let me know where you are and I'll see where what we can work out.
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