Project- who would be interested?

Goose and Fig

Grateful Geese
10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
I got some bad news yesterday that turned into an opportunity- see post if you want the scoop:

So now I am SO excited with the possibility of making blue brahmas. I have this gorgeous splash cochin roo with a pea comb, and a light brahma hen. She doesn't have the best leg feathering, but he has an abundance.
I figure I'll have to take the blue f1s and breed back to dad to get f2 (would that be f2?) blues. Then maybe breed f2 to f1 and take out the blacks for f3 blues. How many generations would I have to go until I could legitimately call them Brahma?
Would I be able to sell chicks/eggs? (Is there a demand for such a bird?)

BTW-these are standard size. We should get some huge birds out of them.

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