prolapse #2 in two days


6 Years
Nov 8, 2013
Hello, I lost one girl on Easter who convulsed then had a huge prolapse in the flock are just a year old, first hen was a black giant who died, 2nd is a barred rock. Was no warning to her being ill. Rest of flock acting normal crazy selves. Today at 9 to fed,water and observe, one had a small prolapse. Removed her from coop, soaked in warm soapy water,cleaned vent, and pushed it back in slowly. She was fine for 30 min.and being ornery again. Can anyone pls suggest why this could be happening??
Just checked them again they are all fine and the cabbage I gave them worked thru Stalker(earlier prolapsed hen)just fine. Worming was done just 11 days ago for safety reasons, no worms found. I feed them layer feed from elevator, give veg or greens twice weekly and they are getting out into the run now daily. Water font cleaned w twice a week and filled daily.I am just lost as why this suddenly happening. Please any insight will be greatly appreciated since I am just starting my second year with my flock.
thank you Eleisha! I give vitamins and pro biotic regularly. Weight is fine as well and they started laying at 5 to 6 months old. so strange.
Only thing I can think of I have changed feed from a brand at TSC to one from the elevator. I don't recall difference in the % of them.

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