prolapse on bantam hen?


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Oct 25, 2007
I have a little game bantam hen who when she first started laying eggs had some of her insides pop out! I checked her later and everything went back into place. That was September/Oct. Two days ago I noticed it has happened again. Gave it a few hours but she still has some blood and tissue sticking out... I isolated her in a rabbit hutch so that no one pecks it. She is eating and drinking.

Storey's guide says to apply Preparation H so off we went to the store. I washed the area with betadine solution and applied preparation H to the area. On closer inspection (stop reading now if you are eating lunch!) the area seems to be almost leaking whitish fluid. Hmmm... pushed the area back in so to speak and that looked better than she strained and it came outish again. It almost looks like an outie bellybutton that is too far out. Oh dear, this is getting almost funny --not for the hen-- but for me trying to describe this! When I inserted my finger I couldn't tell if I found an egg or not but she does brace herself and strain like she is trying to push out a big poop then this fluid trickles out and down her feathers which makes her turn around and inspect the area with her beak. Another clue: I just found a bantam nest in the old duck house and there were three eggs in there with large streaks of blood on the shells. I am guessing they are hers? So I thought maybe she was egg bound.

Next I tried massaging or probing the vent with vasaline, dipping her rear end in warm water (and blowing her dry -- definitely never thought I would be doing that!!!)and giving her bread soaked in vegetable oil. I have a feeling that with evidence of blood-streaked eggs and the fact that this sort of thing has happened to her before that she may not be long for this world, but I was glad to try and help her. She is really very tiny and it makes me wonder about the wisdom of breeding for a cute bantam size.

The next morning she laid a small egg with some blood on it but she still has an "outie" of tissue around her vent and I don't see any poops around. She seems to be closing her eyes some which doesn't seem like a good sign to me. She also might be picking at the area herself.

Should I cull? Any other ideas folks? Thanks so much.
Sounds like you are doing what you can to heal her. She will probably always be prone to this condition but there are some stories of hens making full recoveries. However, I personally would cull if it is a bird ment for production rather than a house pet.
there are other posts that have advise on this, try doing a search for them, a few of them mention stopping the egg production by removing her from light sources to give her time to heal. there is more info that should help. just search prolapse. I hope she recovers.

good luck

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