Prolapse or not? What is going on?

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  1. DDRanch

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    Feb 15, 2008
    When I picked up my 10 mo old Delaware this morning to check her dirty bottom, it looked like she had prolapsed.At least what I have been reading about....looked like prolapse. I set her down and came to this site to do a little more research.....checked her again some 10 minutes later, and no bulbous red thing (I don't know how else to explain it) was protruding. She looks normal in the vent area now. Can someone expalin this to me? Did I misread the signs?
    P.S. I should mention this is my hen at the bottom of the pecking order, picked along her neck and chest area. She has become a loner, even with me.
  2. chickflick

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    Mar 10, 2007
    I don't know, but hope someone else comes along to help you.....good luck!
  3. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    Unless you are prone to hallucinate prolapsed tissues coming out of your chickens' vents (and if this is a recurring problem for you, please do not tell me about it LOL), then yes I am quite sure that you saw what you think you saw [​IMG]

    A prolapse, esp. a small one, can certainly retract of its own accord, and I would betcha that's what happened. It may be a brief one-off thing with no further problems. You should keep an eye on that hen for the next week or two, though, and make sure that a) it doesn't happen again and b) if it does, you get to her before the others start pecking at it. You might also make sure to have some preparation H on hand just in case it recurs worse and you need to do something for it.

    Good luck,

  4. DDRanch

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Thank you Pat. I will watch and do as you say...and pick up some prep H and mineral oil which I read is a good lubricant. Appreciate your response.

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