Prolapse (was egg bound)

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    I have a one year old EE hen that I just managed to successfully clear of a bound egg (without breaking it. It was sideways in there. I lubed up, turned it around and she actually managed to pass it quite easily.) Now I'm trying to deal with the prolapse. Book says Preparation H which I'm heading out to buy. She's "bright eyed and bushy tailed" and not at all thrilled about being confined in the house surrounded by cats but I know I have to try to get this prolapse dealt with before putting her back with the other hens. Anything else I should be doing for her? (I KNEW I would have trouble with this EE hen. She laid her first egg at 16 weeks, a full month before any of her age mates - and she's tiny. This is the first problem she's had but I'm betting it won't be her last.)
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    My EE is doing REALLY well. Her prolapse is really small and clean compared to some I've seen here. I obviously caught the bound egg really early and was lucky because we managed to get it passed without any further damage to Miss Julia Roberts. I've applied Prep H and she already appears to be improving. The main issue now is she's too perky in the house! I've given her a dish of yogurt with raisins and some scrambled eggs thinking that the calcium and protein would help her heal. She's obviously feeling like Wonder Woman now because she's quite animated in her crate and banging away at the dish her treats were in - looking for more! (She also has water and her regular layer ration but apparently that is only annoying her right now!)
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    good to hear she is good
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    You might want to keep her in the dark for a few weeks to break her from egg laying until she's healed. I did this with my hen who had her vent torn off (was stitched back on and all is well now believe it or not!) and it really helped.
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    Quote:This crazy little lady is an egg laying machine so I am worried. [​IMG] (I do figure it's going to be her undoing eventually as well. Can't be good when they start laying at 16 weeks. And the egg that I repositioned today was not that big .... )

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