8 Years
Oct 31, 2011
I went out this morning to feed everyone and let the chickens out, and I noticed that one of my leghorns appeared to be uncomfortable. I watched her for a few minutes, and when she turned around I realized that she had what appeared to be an egg trying to pass, but covered in a red membrane. She keeps attempting to push it out, but it doesn't budge. I've read that its a good idea to have her soak in a warm bath for thirty minutes, so I'm going to try that, I suppose.

I guess my real question is, is this something that's going to continue to happen and end up making her ill? I think it's probably warranted to inform that this particular hen has been trying to lay twice a day - one with a nice hard shell, and other a very thin shell/completely shell-less egg. If this is going to be a serious issue for her, I don't know if culling her would be appropriate. She's obviously in some distress.

Anyhow, any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc?
Thanks for the response. We ended up culling her. She was in really rough shape and in a LOT of distress by the time we'd tried some different things. It was weird....her membranes were out but there was nothing in the vent that she was actually trying to push out - no egg or shell-less egg or anything. But I know for a fact that she laid an egg this morning. In the end, I didn't want to keep prolonging her life when she was in so much pain and distress. I have NO idea what caused this so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

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