Prolapsed Hen Hanging in there! Share tips.

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    Feb 14, 2011
    I actually found and joined this site after searching for help with our prolapsed hen. She's not overweight, is fully mature and has been laying for awhile. In every other way is healthy. We saw that we got a bloody egg and went to inspect our hens when they roosted that evening. One of our red stars had a poopy hind end and after a good bath in mild soapwe noticed she was prolapsed. After a good cleaing we covered it in sugar, pushed it back in and applied preperation H. We have kept her in a dark box with minimal food to hopefully keep her from laying (so far it has worked). This wqs three days ago. It has come back out every day but less and less further. We clean her and put it back in in the morning and in the evening. Poor hen is teed off about being stuck in the box, but I think she's getting better. Called the vet to ask if he would do a small suture and he pretty much laughed at me [​IMG]. We have put a lot of time and love into our flock of 18 (it was 27 but the dairymans dog went on a rampage, he paid for every one of the chickens and roosters!!!). Any other tips or success stories would be great! Thanks
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