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    Dec 10, 2011
    I have a hen who just started to lay, I found her yesterday afternoon with a prolapsed oviduct. I cleaned the area and put PH on it, also gave her a dose of MMS for any infections that may a cure. This morning I seen her, she seems to be in good sprites; however she still has the large bubble protruding out of her vent. I do have her by her self, but, can I place her with the group if I make her a special area within the pen? Please some one advise me?
    Thank you All;
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    I have never dealt with prolapse in my birds, so I'm surely not the one to advise you. But so others can see there an egg in there, or just the lining pushing out? Have you felt to make sure? If there's an egg in there, I'd want to do the best I could to try to help it out.
    As long as there was a barrier up, I'd think she'd be okay with others. I just wouldn't want anyone to have access to her to peck at the area. Hopefully someone experienced in prolapse will see this and give you better info. [​IMG]
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    Please, use the Search here on BYC.. there is a lot of info on Prolapse and how to treat it.

    I had a hen with mild prolapse.. I followed the directions I found.. "twice" (and, yes.. with honey, not PH... just my prefernce.... also treated her as if she were "eggbound" and had prolapse) and it worked she got better and never had the problem again..

    Search "Prolapse" and read up.. lots and lots of helpful info there.

    Good luck.
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    I am going through the same thing right now with my Americana. I had to actually cut the egg out of her prolapse. It was very traumatic. I applied honey and everything went back in. She is in a kennel for most of the day ( in darkness) then I let her out about 12:00 noon so she gets time with the other chickens and a little exercise. She roosted with them yesterday. That seemed fine but, she is recovering from major surgery and I can tell she does not feel well. I am giving her vitamin/antibiotic's in her water and eye dropper it to her to make sure she is drinking it. I gave her an egg yesterday but, she did not eat it. From what I can tell she is not eating... much... I am giving her bread today but, she is in the dark right now so I cannot tell if she has eaten it at all. Lucky for us it is Mid December and the light is only about 8 hours a day and not increasing til later this month. I am praying for your little bird and mine. Good luck!

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