Prolapsed vent and pale comb (UPDATED)


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Feb 23, 2009
I have a 8 month old white leghorn that lays daily and never had a problem laying eggs until today. She had laid what appeared to be a normal size egg, but she was not acting like her normal self. She was in the corner, head down, pale comb and had a large dark red/purple slightly bloody prolapsed vent.

Quickly I brought her inside, rinsed warm water over her vent to clean it. (She really seemed to enjoy the warm water on her vent) Grabbed the latex gloves and vaseline, then gently pressed it back in leaving behind lots of lubrication to make things as comfortable for her as possible. I dried her off, turned on the heater because she was still slightly damp, and isolated her.

Soon after, her comb became a bit more pink, put it was still pale. I noticed clear mucus like goo or could have been albumen dripping out of her vent with a bit of blood. Not sure what was happening now, but I was just happy her prolapsed vent stayed in and her comb had a little bit more pink.

I checked back on her 30 minutes later, and she had layed an egg for the second time today. The eggshell was soft, transparent, and paper thin. It didn't appear to have a yolk either.

Hours later, her vent looks more like the normal peach/pink color, but it is still pretty wet back there. Her comb has some pink, but it is still pale. She is moving around and eating, but still a bit lethargic. I was wondering if there is something I should do next to help her. Is there anything specific I should watch for? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Sometime during the night she passed the egg yolk all by itself. Other then that, her condition still stands the same as mentioned above.
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Sep 9, 2009
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I'd keep on with basic supportive care. Maybe try some vitamin supplement and electorlytes. Also scrambled egg and yogurt.

Hopefully you'll get some posts from people who have had this happen and succesfully treated it. It sounds like she's doing pretty well all and all though. Best of luck with her.


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May 8, 2008
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I'm reading this post after doing a search for "pale comb". One of my 6- 7 month old brown leghorns has had a pale, floppier than normal, comb for the past couple of days. It seems like she might be trying to lay an egg but can't too, and I'm getting concerned about her.
Best wishes to you with your girl, hope mine perks back up and doesn't have a prolapse too. Both young leghorns... interesting.
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