Prolapsed vent/cloaca or egg bound??


May 6, 2017
Posting photos in comment below since they are on my phone & not computer...

I am sad I didn't realize this earlier and knew more of what to do to help sooner. This has been more than a week my girl has not been up walking around and thought she was broody, then thought her leg was hurt, but now thinking it could be her vent/egg......which I had someone around to come see for their own eyes because I'm not sure between what normal & not looks like in real life.

Here are some photos, perhaps someone could tell from these, although they are not the best, I am doing this all on my own, so it was bit tricky holding bird, lifting tail/checking vent, getting photos all with 2 hands lol

I have given a warm bath last night and today. Put a bit of KY in vent, but not very far as I am not sure how far I should go (and she wasn't liking it). I also tried to stick my finger inside to feel an egg, but again, I don't know how far or anything, and didn't want to do more damage, so didn't get very far before I stopped with her noises & such.....anyway, I fear she may not be "with us" come morning =(

Please take a look and let me know what y'all think.
Thank you so much.

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