Prolapsed vent in newly hatched ducklings?


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Mar 8, 2012
I have a favorite duck, and I just hatched some of her eggs. One died in the shell, but two others hatched with a lot of blood and fluid coming out of the egg. They both looked like they were born with prolapsed vents, big masses hanging outside the vent, but somehow they hatched. Has anyone heard of this, and what can I do? Other eggs have hatched, and the ducklings are all healthy and normal. Only the ducklings from this one hen have problems.
Thanks for your interest. I called my vet, and he had never heard of this either. The ducklings are still alive, but these protrusions appears to be shriveling. I will keep people updated.
Interesting. The other one was much worse looking, vein-y, and a huge amount of blood came out. There was a puddle about six inches wide around the egg. They hatched only one day early, so I don't think anything was too far off in the incubation. I wonder why that would happen?
Both of the ducklings with this issue perished unfortunately. I have been using this incubator for a couple years fairly successfully, but I think my thermometer ceased to be accurate, and the temperature was too high near the end of the incubation, causing them to hatch a little prematurely. Can't be too careful! There's an argument for always using two thermometers....
How do I refresh this thread so someone can see it again..? HUGE day here.. My ducklings have hatched today in nearly 40 degrees, and were getting trapped in their eggs, Ive saved most, but now I've noticed one has a prolapsed vent does anyone know how can I fix this please..??

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