Prolapsed vent. Need help from someone with experience

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    You may have noticed a thread I made last week about this problem and this new thread is kind of an update/part 2 talk about this problem.

    Well, the bird is nearly 5 weeks old, it has a prolapsed vent and this is often times fatal. I have the bird isolated, because not doing so the other birds peck at the vent and will eventually pull it's intestines out(yuck). It's more normal for this to happen on a grown bird from laying too big of an egg, rather than a chick like the problem I have. There are treatments which include using preperation H and gently trying to tuck the prolapsed vent back in, and even this procedure is often times ineffective and the bird needs to be culled. I have the stuff and I'm ready to try the procedure but part of me is scared, I know chances are it's not going to survive and that sucks.

    My question is: would it be better to wait until the bird is bigger to try the procedure to fix it, or is it better to do it when it's young?

    Here's a picture for educational purposes, hopefully you don't ever discover this problem in one of your girls.

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    Use the SEARCH here on BYC... search Prolapse... you will get lots of info...

    Someone wrote today about and egg stuck behind skin, and skin sticking out the vent of the chicken, that is also prolapse... I had it happen, a mild case to a new layer. I followed the directions here.....

    I gave her the warm "eggbound" type bath... gently massaging her and putting veg. oil on my finger and inserting into the vent to feel for the egg.... I massaged and warm bathed her for a good 30 minutes... rewarming the water midway.... "tepid like for a baby"..... Then, she wanted down and out and she eventually passed an egg... but, her skin from inside was outside and very red.... I left her alone for a while and then after reading more here... I went back out and got her again... gave her another warm bath, shorter... and then massaged honey into her vent tissue... which was pretty much back inside by then.

    Clean hands and the water... you can gently massage and push the tissue back inside by inserting an oiled and then honeyed finger... people on her say honey helps to shrink the membranes and get it to go back inside...

    Evidently, my case was minor and she recovered quickly... but, the search here helped me to do the right things for her. She's fine now. Good luck.

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