Prolapsed Vent


Aug 2, 2016
One of our girls has a severly prolapsed vent. There is no egg stuck that we can tell, but her vent is definitely hanging out. Ive researched and tried warm compresses and attempted to push it back in, but with no success. I plan on applying witch hazel tomorrow and trying again, along with preparation H. How much pressure am i applying when i try to push it back in? Please help our sweet girl

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I'm sorry you are having trouble.

If you haven't had success in getting the prolapse back in, try soaking her in a warm epsom salts bath to help reduce some of the swelling. Give her some calcium - a crushed Tums will work. Apply some hemorrhoid cream and gently push back in. You may have to repeat.

Keep her isolated so the other hens don't pick at her vent and you are sure the prolapse will stay in - usually overnight after it is in. Apply some more hemorrhoid cream or honey to the vent to help with any inflammation. Give her wet feed and some vitamins if you have them.

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