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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jtn42248, Feb 11, 2014.

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    First, to all of you who went through my recent first experience of ordering baby chicks, thanks. Now for the proof of my insanity. I have another order of straight run chicks coming the week of the 24th. My first group will be about 2-3 weeks old at that point. Sadly I lost one Silver Laced Wyandotte but there are still 25 total pullets remaining. I understand that I don't want to put the new group of day old chicks in with the 3 week old monsters. But, my question is, at what point can/should I try to integrate the two groups. I am thinking somewhere along the point of moving them out to the coop which would be the end of March when things are warming up here in Central Texas.

    Also, I know that I will be getting some if not most Roos. I have not even begun to plan on what I will do about that. How have you all dealt with excess males...any suggestions are welcome.
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    I integrated my 3 week olds with my 6 week olds. I wouldn't do it any sooner than that. Make sure they are all big enough not to be trampled! Also, as far as excess males, you could do several things. Eat them(not for me), give them away to good home, or try and sell them. I found it much easier to give mine away. There is a forum on here that you could list them to sell or give away animals. Good luck!
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    Put them together sooner rather than later. I've mixed up to 4 weeks in age difference in the same brooder and not had problems. If it makes you more comfortable, you can wait until the little are a week or so, then put them all together. I'd just be concerned about enough space--how many chicks are you talking all totaled?

    I eat my excess roosters when I hatch them. When I order chicks, I order sexed pullets only.
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    Total of 50 half will be about 3 wks and the other half day old. Letting the new batch get older then introducing them seems to be a consensus. I will probably pass some of them to family that have been thinking about chickens but I will probably end up with around 30+ hens.

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