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    Hello all, I hope this finds you and helps those of you new to raising chickens.

    I know it can be confusing out there when your searching for the correct perportions of feed for your new feathered friends. But I swear you need look no further. I have raised chickens on and off through out my life, just to give you a bit of back ground on who I am and my knowledge of raising chickens.

    ok when they are chicks for the first 2 weeks you must give them medicated chick starter, then after 2 weeks you can if you wish switch them to straight chick starter non medicated untill they reach 8 weeks old . ( this is what i do , because i dont like feeding them anything that is not natural, but i do understand they at least need the medication for the first 2 weeks of thier life). Check thier little bums to ensure they do not get bunged up , aka the poop drops on their little behinds and hardens which can cause them to get bunged up. remove the harden poop. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE FOOD AND WATER ARE THERE FOR THEM AT ALL TIMES. and keep them in a warm place if the hen is not raising them herself.

    water is very important at any age , make sure there is always water for them to drink

    8 weeks to 18 weeks old a mix of scratch and grower. I like to mix it half and half. Most places will say only grower is needed , but i again dont like to force them to grow faster then they are suppose to grow. feed them 2 times a day morning 5 - 7 am and dinner time aka 5 pm or there abouts . as well table scrapes ( vegs , grains and fruit) are ok at this stage BUT NEVER bread products, birds can not burp , so the yeast will harm them.

    after 18 weeks 2 times a day again morning ( just scratch) and dinner time aka 5 pm (a mix of scratch and laying mash) or there abouts ( DO NOT FEED THEM LAYING MASH UNTILL YOU SEE THE FIRST EGG , NOT BEFORE) and again they love table scraps as well as tall grass if there is no grass in their pen. Girt is im portant at the first signs of laying

    Hope this helps anyne looking for answers.. Ill post pics later of my feathered darlings :)

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    At what age do the hens lay eggs, thank you...:)

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