Proper run?


Jan 21, 2018
Olympia Washington
We just penned up our flock of 7 hens. We will be increasing up to 10. Our covered coop/run is 8x14 and I just added a 18x18 fenced off, open run that an ADOR1 lets them into. The drainage is great. I am wondering how to keep the smell to an absolute minimum. I placed a few bales of pine shavings on the ground and am getting a truck load of large wood chips this next week. There currently isnt a problem, but I want to be proactive as it is on a shared fence line with a neighbor. My question is, is this run sufficient to keeping a clean flock of 10, and what can I do to be proactive on keeping the smell away?
I think you are doing all that you can. Maybe add some hay into run??? I would do it in a section rather than just pile everything together. Just my thoughts. You can always do a revision as you see fit.
The thing I see to be concerned about is summer time flies. I know you want to be good with the neighbors. :highfive:
I have posted on that subject quite a few times. I use fly traps. (multiple ones). If you need more info on that I will search out some of those threads and link to them here.
WISHING YOU BEST..... :thumbsup

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