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Jan 5, 2009
New Hampshire
So the whole scene with the story of our "dead" locust tree has gone dormant. But my neighbor has yet to speak to me, geez who was the one that disregarded an agreement between neighbors. Anyway....

and here is my "dead tree"



Yes, there are weaknesses about the health of branches, but it certainly is not dead.

The hummingbirds and orioles are thriving in it. I am glad I saved it. Maybe it will stand for another 50-100 years?
Im missed it too, but was the issue that the tree looked dead??? If so, ALOT of the locust in the early spring are "attacked" by a pest/ blight that makes them look dead, however they always bounce right back.

it takes ALOT (bulldozer) to kill those darn things when they grow out of controll. LOL
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her and her neighbor had an agreement that a few other trees would be cut down and then when they were cutting them down the neighbor went and told the tree cutters to cut down her locust tree too. and they were cutting it and she went out and made them stop.
Did either of your neighbors say WHY they wanted to include this tree? Do they think it is dying ir did the arborist say that it is dying?

Something to be aware of.....trees often bloom prolifically right before they die. Anytime you trim a tree you put that tree under stress, it has to put out new growth to try to recover. If they lopped off some branches and this tree was already stressed or diseased before, then it may die within a few years and it looks like it is mostly leaning over YOUR house.

It is a shame that boundary issues have strained your relationship with your neighbor, whoever is at fault for the strain, it is still a strain.
I believe that the arborist told the neighbor that the tree was dying - it was an extra $700 for a group that has been in business 4 months. Secondly, I believe the neighbor wanted the tree down from the beginning or once she saw the other hemlocks down she didn't care for the way the line still looked.

Once the two limbs were removed on the backside of the tree, the arborist became aware that the tree was more on our property and a border tree - he suddenly claimed the portion of the tree remaining was quite healthy.

The neighbor was told that b/c the tree wasn't blossoming it was dead - any good arborist knows that locusts do not blossom until late May-early June. The locust in their back yard bloomed at the same time as ours.

The situation was all about agendas and money. As I said before, the fences will mend. Life goes on.

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