Pros and cons of Spraying permethrin on necks

old biddy

12 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Lamont, Florida
My five peafowl, cocks and hens, all lost their neck feathers last year and went through the whole summer bare necked. I did not know why. Thinking back, though, I had sprayed their necks with permethrin to eliminate the stick tight flea infestation that appeared. I had to do that a good number of times during the summer and fall months.

I have not sprayed their necks over the last couple of months (no sign of fleas) and have been giving them
"Feather Fixer" feed to help their feathers grow back in. As of today most of their feathers have returned.
I am wondering if it was the actual fleas that made them lose or pick out their feathers or if the spraying of permethrin on their necks could have irritated the skin further and caused the feather loss or at least kept feathers from growing back. Anyone???
I don't think the permethrin had anything to due with it personally. As far as feed I would recommend a high protein feed. I currently feed my birds All Flock/Flock Raiser which is 20% protein. My birds recently went through their molts, some hard and some lighter molts. I give them the higher protein because their feathers are primarily made of protein. Good luck...

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