Pros/Cons of Building v. Buying

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    I know there are many overpriced coops out on the market but some of them are within a reasonable range. Building a coop can be a more memorable experience but buying a coops and building a run may suffice. What are the pros/cons of each option?
  2. Buying-

    -Know immediately what it's made out of and how it should last.
    -usually done pretty professionally
    -Usually looks fancier
    -Good for those who are terrible at building.

    -Very overpriced.
    -Can be a hit or miss - our bought chicken coop doesn't close fully in the winter
    -Seller can lie about things


    -know what you're putting in it
    -Easier/less guilty when adding modifications to it
    -Can always sell it for a profit/break even if it's too small/bad ventilation/whatever has a problem (given you give full disclosure why)

    -requires some sort of building ability
    -access to wood and saws and general building things
    -not as pretty usually
    -can screw up will bad real easy

    Willing to add more if someone thinks I should add something :)
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