Pros vs cons of slaughtering my Pekin drakes


6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Rockford, IL
After the chicken drowning incident, I read up on slaughtering the Pekins and read the ideal time is between 6 and 8 weeks. They're pretty heavy - possibly 10 to 12 pounds. So we're considering converting our 2 drakes to dinner. I'm really unhappy about this and fighting it (emotionally). Not only will they be our first slaughter, I very attached to them. So I'm attempting to come up with an objective list. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

In favor of slaughter
  1. That was the plan from the start
  2. They eat a lot (comparatively)
  3. I'll end up with ducklings (which will also eat a lot)
  4. 2 Pekins need less room than 4.

Against it
  1. I'll end up with ducklings (so I won't need to purchase more for future slaughter)

As you can see...I'm doing a very bad job coming up with objective reasons to deviate from the plan.
Why you just slaughter one and keep the other one as a breeder.But I would say you should better eat all 4 ducks,duckling are not expensive and you should buy the ones that are specially breed to put on weight fast from special breeders.
Ducklings are fun, and watching them grow while incubating is addictive...I'll be filling the bator again after this batch...I would say keep one (our drake is a good protector too) and eat the other. :)
We ended up slaughtering the larger one.

I'm on the fence between slaughtering the other just to get it over with and declaring him a pet. The inside had a pretty gnarly "odor" and it took FOREVER.

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