Protecting broody from others....


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Jun 11, 2009
Nova Scotia
My other hens keep trying to lay eggs in with Beatrice even though she is in the middle of hatching, with 3 chicks and one other pipped. (there are many other eggs) I built an extension onto her little box..... her nest box is about 12 x 14 and the addition is about the same. In this addition i put layers mash, chick starter and water. I thought the enclosure itself would keep the others out but they still jumped in. I went in this afternoon and her eggs were scattered all over, presumed from another hen. No, i dont think she ejected bad ones.... the pipped one was out too. So now I have gone to the extreme and put a window screen over the top. No hen can get in, but also Beatrice, the sitting hen can not get out. Is this ok? Is this too small of a space? How long can I do this for? Can I wait a few days for the other eggs to hopefully hatch?
Thanks again!


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
You need to take the layer mash out of there so the chicks will not eat it. She can eat starter fine. She'll be fine in there for a day or so, as long as she is still setting. Then she will get off the nest to teach the chicks to eat and such. At that point you need to let her out. Sounds like when she gets off there will be unhatched eggs. You will have to hatch them yourself if you want them.

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