Protecting the existing flock


9 Years
Mar 20, 2010
Neighbor's dog burrowed a hole underneath the fence separating our yards, killing two chickens and injuring a third. This was my first flock, so I was hit hard to see my birds suffer, then die in front of my eyes.

There are four left, including the injured Australorp. I have a .3 acre backyard, and have for the past two years let them free range- they walk themselves into their 4x8x6 coop at night. I know now that I need to protect them more, but don't want to keep them cooped up all the time- that's no life even for a chicken.

What would you suggest that would allow these birds to be as free as possible while still protecting them from predators? I don't mind investing in precautionary measures, but don't want to throw money at the wrong solution either.

Sometime this summer, I'm hoping to buy more to replace the birds I lost - I'll probably stay under 10 total, if that helps you make a suggestion.
the dog will more then likely come back so i would go with a coop. keep planty of grass in the coop and they will be happy. you could keep an eye on them if you let them free range in the evening for an hour or 2, or you could buy a dog and raise him with chickens so he would protect them, might work
Electric poultry netting. I use, love it, and swear by it. It is not particularly attractive (unless you get the fencing that is hunter green and more expensive), but worth the eye sore in its protection. I use it all over my yard containing various animals from poultry to pigs. It works. I have never lost any animals to ground predators, and that is a big deal considering I live on a wildlife corridor abutting 500 acres of forest. I have all manner of creatures traipsing through my yard. I wouldn't be able to keep poultry at all without these fences.

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