Protection from the summer sun.

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    Mar 6, 2007
    I'm looking to build a new coop next to my shed the problem is it get full afternoon sun. In the winter thats not a bad thing but in the summer it has the possiblilty of getting hot! Should I look for a better place (like in the trees) or will the chickens be ok in that heat? I was going to put a door and window across from eachother so a good breeze to come through. Crystal

    Also how many chickens could fit in a 8X12 coop with a run about the same size?
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    The important thing is to have a large shaded area (little spots of shade don't give nearly so much benefit). You may be able to improvise with plywood or shadecloth (I <heart> shadecloth, it is exceedingly useful and flaps in the wind WAY less than tarps). You might consider also making one or more walls of the coop mostly just mesh (perhaps with a plywood panel that can be bolted back on for winter). With that you should be ok unless the location is against the wall of a large building that makes it a 'heat trap'.

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