Protein in Mealworms? Corn Based Diet?

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Backyard Bob

8 Years
Mar 1, 2013
I am looking for a way to supplement protein in my chickens diet. About how much protein do meal worms offer?
Would my chickens do fine on corn, free range, meal worms and fodder? About how much productivity would I lose in egg production? I have 160 acres for them to free range, and I can grow my own corn. Plenty of it. Enough to keep my chickens fed till next harvest. That is, If they will do perfectly fine on free choice corn, mealworms, free range, and fodder. If it helps any, I have white leghorns.

Thank you so much!
Leghorns don't need many calories per day. I would think the fodder and some free choice oyster shells along with free ranging would be sufficient. What grain(s) are you sprouting?

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