Protocol for buying unfertilized eggs?


Apr 17, 2016
Hi everyone, I recently bought 6 hatching eggs locally from a breeder. I put them alongside 20 other eggs in my incubator. After 9 days, these were the only ones showing no development at all, so I cracked them open.. Every last one was unfertilized. I understand there is no guarantee with hatching eggs.. And I could see maybe one or two being duds... But all of them were. Anyways, I did tell the breeder, and I'm not blaming anyone and I wasn't angry.. I asked if they could be replaced but was told they'd talk about it, but I haven't heard back and it's been a few days. I'm guessing probably not. I'm not sure what the protocol is in this type of situation so just want to know what is normal in this case? Do most people offer replacement for eggs bought locally that ended up being duds? I took photos, so that they could see the blastodiscs and know that I didn't just cook the eggs or handle them improperly. They went right into the bator the same day I got them, and were literally the only ones that weren't fertilized (I also put in 20 other eggs from two different breeders, and only threw out one that had a blood ring). I know it's not their fault, they can't open the egg up and see if it's fertilized before they sell it to me... But if I were the breeder, I'd feel inclined to replace at least a couple of the eggs, just to be nice if anything. I guess this particular hen has done this before. Is this just 'live and learn' and try to buy eggs elsewhere next time or from a different hen? On a side note, I do have a chick from them and she's lovely and I don't think they really know what to do in this situation either, I don't think anyone is selling bad eggs on purpose or anything... These are good things for me to ask, as I plan to breed and offer hatching eggs in the future. Thanks for any opinions.
I would give the breeder a nudge and ask again for either replacement eggs once fertility is confirmed or a refund. I recently sent eggs out and none developed for the buyer - they were fertile, shipping was just really hard on them. I still gave them a refund even though it wasn't my fault and the eggs were fertile, just didn't develop. So in the case the eggs sent to you weren't even fertile, the seller should definitely offer to replace them or refund you since what you paid for was fertilized eggs and that's not what you got.
I've talked to them since I asked, so I'm sure it hasn't slipped their minds. :-/ I think replacing them would be the nice thing to do, too.. If I wanted to buy unfertilized eggs I'd get them at the grocery store.. But I guess there is no guarantee so it's my problem. Just disappointed!
If you paid with PayPal, you could always open a dispute. That might get them moving.
No, I paid with cash... I don't want to create any issues as I don't want to completely cut off the chances of working with them in the future, they have some rare breeds... But I'm a lot less likely to go to them after this experience. :( I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't right. I still haven't heard anything about a replacement. Live and learn I guess, but sucks to disappoint children..

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