proximity of coop to house?

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    I searched the threads in this forum, but didn't come up with what I was looking for. I would like to know if there is any practical reason, aside from the occasional whiff of chicken, that the coop shouldn't be next to the house. The spot I'm thinking of is the most sheltered and accessible place in the yard, and also the easiest to maintain and supervise. There is little snow there because of some tall spruce trees, so it also means that the hens can get out earlier in the year. The actual distance I'm talking about is 1 yard/meter from the front porch, and twice that from my bedroom window, which I like to open in summer.

    I would appreciate hearing your thoughts/experiences on this.

    Thank you!
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    Well how many birds do you plan on having? If just a very few, it won't hurt any. Now a flock of 30 or so might be a little more smelly, but if you don't mind the smell, it's your house:>) A rooster a metre from your bedroom window might not be very welcoming at all hours of the night though!
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    2 yards from your bedroom window is probably too close... and you'd have to look at zoning ordinances and homeowners insurance policy provisions too.
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    I have seen plenty of people design their coop to even be attached to the side of their house. If you have any roos I'm certain that might be a reason for not building next to your house.

    I personally did my coop fairly close to our house - maybe 15 paces (I'm bad with feet/yard stuff) away from my back deck. I figure if I did it any further I wouldn't get to enjoy watching their chicken antics, and I was afraid that it'd be too far out of mind... and it'd never get clean that way.
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    I would say if your ok with it and thats where you want to build it and you dont mind the smell,,,then I dont see anything wrong with it. Go for it.
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    Really, the only problem I can see, is if you decide to keep a rooster. Bob"s tractor is only 30' from my bedroom window and decided 4am was a good time to get up this morning.[​IMG]
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    my experience is limited to a half-built coop 2 feet from my house, with the tallest spot on the roof being at the height of my kitchen windowsills. My only advice based on this limited experience (chickens aren't even here yet!) is that you should allow enough distance to comfortably fit the coop carpenter/repairer, a ladder and a power tool between the house and the coop. DH didn't do so, and now is contemplating working on the back of the coop in a very uncomfortable, cramped position with a ladder wedged in and a lot of cussing, I'm sure. I made the gentle suggestion that 4 feet was probably more practical, but it was scoffingly ignored. I have since refrained from delivering the proverbial "I told you so." I think he gets it.

    Hope there are some more insights that help you more than this!
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    mice could be an issue
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    it would be nice to use your existing trees as windbreaks and shade during the summer but that seems a little close to me. during the summer there will be lots of flies and they sneak in every time the house door opens.
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    Feb 26, 2009
    My county laws require that the coop be 40 ft from any home. They are all different.

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