Puffed up sick Silkie


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Apr 11, 2022
We returned from a long weekend away this morning to find our silkie all puffed up in her coop by herself. (We had family looking in on our girls whole away.)

She is inside in a sick box now and has been pooping normally, but hasn’t eaten or drink anything. She is still puffed up and her tail is up straight.

I can’t feel a bound egg anywhere. I checked crops late last week before we left town and I don’t see any parasites in her poop. I gave her a calcium pill in case it’s a bound egg. She is also a pretty regular egg layer and hasn’t laid in 3 days, but it has also just gotten hot in Texas and my other girls have slowed down a little bit as well but are still laying every other day. I have not wormed them yet but she is not eatting and I read that a worm symptom is lots of eatting.

They eat purina layena crumbles and have access to grit and oyster shell. They have hydra hen in their water every few weeks as well.

All of the things I read about online don’t seem like the right symptoms. Any ideas???
Picture of our girl for reference


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