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5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
My six month old bantam Ameraucana hen has been walking around all puffed out the last week. She also seems to be off balance most of the time. She kind of walks around like the Michelin Man. She is still interacting with all the other hens as usual and even manages to get herself up at night onto the top rung of the roosting bars. I have two other hens that i had gotten the same time as her and they are both laying now. Just very recently. But Miss puffy is "not" laying as of yet. I went ahead and treated her for being possible Egg bound. That has not seemed to help thus far. She has regular looking poo and her eyes are clear as day. I do not know what else to do with/for her. I feel bad that she seems to struggle with daily activities. Mostly favoring her right side...her left seems not such an issue (although its the puffier side?) . She is able to fan out her left wing and clean herself. I also don't want to cause my other hens to contract anything that she may have."If" she does have something that spreads. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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