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  1. This is just a thread where you can talk about the free chickens you have gotten from people, Because we get lots of free chickens, mainly from craigslist. Yesterday I got some free hens, 1 barred rock, 1 black austrolorp, 1 splash orpington, 1 new hamshire red, and one brahma/americana mix I think.
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    Well, I once got a free purebred show-quality silkie. Here's the story.

    I was in my favorite pet store, and they were selling adult silkies! So, I scraped together the money to get one. When I get him home, I learn that he has lice! I did y best to treat him, but he died because he had been infested for so long. When I told the employee's of the store, they promised to tell the store owner, and, a few weeks later, the store owner told e that she owed me a free silkie chick. I was so excited. So, the store owner brought me a very show-quality silkie, along with six others. I bought two silkies just because I liked them, and received my third one free.

    That's the story of Freebie, my splash silkie.
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    We used to know a guy who wanted as many chickens as he can get, so he can sell eggs, but he didn't care for them as well as he could've... He used to bring his sick chickens round to me. He'd walk in the door, hand me a chicken, turn around and walk out again, shouting over his shoulder: "if she gets better you can keep her" Well, the first one, Hope, sadly didn't make it, but the next two, Faith and Luna did.
    Then a predator got Faith [​IMG] It was devastating after the battle to get her better.
    Luna grew up, went broody, hatched chicks and had a wonderful time by us. She was a great mom and she beat up a huge hawk one day when it went her chicks! We absolutely adored our Lunatic.
    Our other free chicken was from a friend. He came round one day to buy hatching eggs from me and I just happened to have one from my old Australorp X hen who still laid very well aged 5/6 years. I told him I hope that egg hatches for him as it's from a very, very good hen. The egg did hatch and he gave me the chick, because, he said, he could tell her mom is special for us, so we must raise her babies.
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    I have a strict policy that I absolutely will not take any chickens off craigslist, from flea markets or auctions because of the disease factor; the risk of bringing nasties to my healthy flock is too great. I was, however, given an Easter Egger pullet by a friend as a gift over four years ago, but only accepted her because that friend hatched the chick from a breeder's eggs and her own flock had never had any respiratory illness. Even then, June was kept in a quarantine coop for two months until we knew she was okay to incorporate into a larger group. So, I have had only one gift chicken in the entire 7 years we've owned our own flock. June is still with me and is now going on 5 years old.

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