Pullet Aggression Towards Hen Who Raised Her

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Sep 26, 2017
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I have 3 Bantam hens, all of whom have successfully hatched or adopted day old chicks and raised them. Quick note: none of the birds hatched or raised by my broody hens are from eggs from my flock. I cannot keep a cockerel or cock where I live currently.
I have never seen a pullet chick persistently challenge her mother or attack her, until recently. My Japanese mixed Bantam hen, Angelina, hatched out 2 Rhode Island Red chicks early August. I ended up with a cockerel and pullet. The cockerel is pretty well mannered and if I could keep him I honestly would. Except that he doesn’t really ask the hens to mate so my Silkie x Easter Egger hen beats him up if he jumps her. But the cockerel isn’t the problem, the pullet is. On multiple occasions I have seen her grab hold of the feathers on her mother while she will yell and run from the pullet. I have seen her run up to her mother and have a stare off indicative of challenging. I have a Gamefowl hen who’s 2 daughters are higher up in the pecking order, but they will never ever challenge or attack their mother. I am appalled by the behavior demonstrated by the Rhode Island Red pullet and she will be processed tomorrow along with her brother and a White Leghorn cockerel.
Has anyone had a similar experience, of a pullet or hen challenging or attacking the hen who raised her?


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Jun 23, 2013
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Sorry to hear ... I have no clue why but having had RIR, as much as they are great egg production, I do not like their personalities. I've read where some say theirs are "angels" but I've found them to be "aggressive" and do not do well confined. My Hubby wanted some, so I got him 2 but after they matured, he says he'll leave the chicken picking to me. I sold them. Love their color & egg production but I'm more into Pets with Benefits and will not get them anymore.
i also am not a fan of RIR's. they are aggressive to the other more gentle breeds and for some reason 4 out of 5 feather pickers i have had have been RIR.
also i dont think chickens are like humans in that they will remember who raised them and forever think of a flock member as their mother. once the broody hen weans them and they are on their own, everybody has to establish there position in the pecking order. i am glad you are processing your hen as she will likely always make life miserable for your more timid banties.

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